Friends of Malaysia

In Gratitude For The Action Of The Royal Marines 
In The Rescue of PCV Fritz Klattenhof,
December, 1962




Resolution of The Friends of Malaysia

Whereas: In the fall of 1962, Peace Corps Volunteers were assigned to Sarawak, a British Crown Colony, which Colony would later become the country of Malaysia; and

Whereas: On or about September 15, 1962 Fritz Klattenhoff , one of the youngest Peace Corps Volunteers, was assigned to Limbang, Sarawak as a 4 H Youth Advisor; and

Whereas: On December 8, 1962 a local rebellion occurred resulting in the deaths of four Malay policemen; Corporal Kim Huat and Constables Hujang bin Mohammed, Insol anak Chundung and Wan Jamaluddin bin Tuanku Alek; and

Whereas: One of those policemen killed was Fritz Klatenhoff's closest friend and roommate and on the night of December 8/9, 1962 Fritz Klattenhoff did risk his life to retrieve the body of his friend and roommate and provide him with a proper temporary burial; and

Whereas: On the afternoon of December 11, 1962 Fritz Klattenhoff and five others were captured by the same rebel combatants and held hostage in a makeshift jail; and

Whereas: On the morning of December 12, 1962 Fritz Klattenhoff and the five other hostages were set to be executed by the rebels, the British Royal Marines did undertake a successful rescue mission to free the hostages; and

Whereas: During said action eight Royal Marines and Fritz Klatenhoff were wounded by rebel gunfire; and

Whereas: RM Sergeant Walter Macfarlane, Marine Gerald Kierans, Marine Fred Powell, Marine Ronald Formoy, Marine Richard Jennings members of Lima Company 42 Commando Royal Marines, were killed in this action. These men are remembered and honored;

Be it therefore resolved that: Friends of Malaysia, an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association, does here by declare its heart felt gratitude for the rescue of our fellow Peace Corps Volunteer Fritz Klattenhoff and does extend to those brave Marines and their families our thanks and appreciation for their ultimate sacrifice in our mutual quest to create a more peaceful world.

We congratulate Lima Company 42 Commando Royal Marines on its fortieth reunion September 21, 2002. We are inspired by your selfless dedication to duty.

The Board of Directors of Friends of Malaysia
Adopted: August 15, 2002